Planned Giving Program

ChildPromise, Inc.
A History of Care and Perpetual Support

“An unknown pupil in the infant class of Miss Mary Weatherly, of Immanuel Mission of the First Baptist Church, passed away, leaving a few coins, in all ninety cents…”

The historic account of one child’s concern for “poor homeless children,” commemorates the founding of the Baptist Orphanage of Philadelphia in 1879. The impact of “leaving a few coins,” ignited an urgent call-to-action by Miss Mary Weatherly, and many others within the growing community of Baptist congregations. Those “few coins” also inspired a remarkable succession of memorial gifts in support of Mrs. Margaret S. Foster, “as a memorial to her departed husband,” and Mr. William Bucknell, “as a memorial to his three departed children, Linnard, Hattie, and Willie.”

Today, ChildPromise, Inc. remains steadfast in our long-held mission, “to provide compassionate care to children in need.” individualized program plans. Our commitment is to keep siblings together to maintain the health-pro- moting bond of family. Additionally, we are dedicated to increasing the high school graduation rates of children in foster care, as well as college entrance and completion rates, for young adults formerly in foster care.

With unceasing gratitude, ChildPromise, Inc. continues to receive support through the inspirational legacies bequeathed to us in the form of Charitable Gift Annuities, Charitable Remainder Trusts, gifts-in-memory, life insurance policies, and other creative instruments of estate planning. However, “more children are knocking at our doors; shall we say no?”

By naming ChildPromise, Inc. as a Beneficiary in your Will, you are ensuring that our hallmark “care and commitment to children,” which ChildPromise, Inc. has upheld, unbroken, for 137 years, will continue for future generations of children. It is a history and legacy worth preserving.

Please consider creating a lasting tribute today, by designating ChildPromise, Inc. in your Will. For more information on our Planned Giving Program, please contact Dr. Nathaniel J. Williams, President and CEO, at Thank you, “and may the Lord of little children bless you!”


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